Firefly Popularity


Have you ever looked on as an individual seemingly had the world, however large or small that world was at the time, by the tail?  You know, that person that seems to stand out in the crowd…  The one that everybody talks about?  The one that everybody seems to really like a lot?

A famous actress or actor…  A famous musician or artist…  A popular politician that appears to hold great power…  That guru or spiritual leader that seems to posses wisdom beyond the average thinker…  The author that becomes a sensation almost overnight and rises to the heights of wealth, The Miracle Sports figure?…  All holding what many would describe as a coveted position.

What is true popularity and how and when does one finally arrive at the pedestal of honor, especially with so much competition and so many many people to compete against on this planet.

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How powerful is “Thought “


I just spent over an hour with a person on the phone who has an amazing idea that could change the way people do things.  I could see the advantages of bringing this concept to fruition.  As we engaged in this conversation, my mind became flooded with my inner memories and teachings that I have acquired over the years.  Though I could see the vision of a future success in the subject at hand, there was a pause within my heart…  An energy of imbalance was in the air.  It wasn’t long before I found myself drifting in the sea of self centering.  Success as the forecasting dream of the conversation, attempted to paint and expand of a future of amazement, caution, became the choice of words with which to describe this moment.

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