Humanitarian Projects

A Book Of DreamsA Book Of Dreams is dedicated to helping change the landscape of this planet for the better.

There are funding plans in the works for big projects.  Among those projects are the following:



Community Re-Education Centers:


Centers which will teach people skills in the Media Industry, Computer Industry and physical world.  Our Education centers will cover film making, photography, audio recording, graphic arts, web design, writing, drama, dance, music production, history preservation and research, alternative energy solutions, green housing development, organic gardening, alternative medicine and therapy.  Student grants will be awarded according to attitude and needs for social improvement.




Community Healing Centers:


Centers which will focus on stabilizing socially stressed people.  The focus will be on assisting people to find their centers, create atmospheres of peace and energize their ability to believe in themselves and learn to reintegrate into society armed with new tools to enhance self mastery and forward thinking in new future goal setting.  These centers will incorporate meditation therapy, spa style physical relaxation areas that promote physical health.  There will be music video designed to target relaxation and bio feedback stabilization. mental imaging and more.  These centers are well suited to assist in addictions, confidence restoration and physical health restoration.  Grants will be awarded according to health conditions and assessed desire for positive change.


Continuance Program:


Once these attendees of said centers have achieved a level of completeness in restorative education, we will make available a work program which will allow them to work in the real world, utilizing their skills in the larger humanitarian projects we will endeavor to create world wide.  Such projects will encompass Orphanage improvement, school building, third world home development such as well digging , solar cooking, hygiene training, micro loan and small business education, and more in this arena.

The goal of all of these humanitarian projects are focused on bringing the standard of living to those who are living below the average standards of the society in which they reside in, thus causing an overflow effect where improved individuals will be able to affect change in their own communities.  All projects are non profit foundation based.


World Healing Media Project:






The World Media Project focuses on the delivery of specialized media in Audio, Video and other mediums in the digital format.  The programs produced will be engineered and created with the intent of flooding the entire world with freely available media which when experienced in it’s fullest form is designed to bring quantum balance into any individual seeking a more calm, peaceful, enlightening, healing, digital experience to augment their desire to move forward in an enhanced and improved self awareness that has the potential to change many lives mentally and spiritually thus in turn affecting the physical structure of their society for the better.


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