Quantum Consciousness


Notes and concepts to consider in the arena of Quantum Physics:


Distinction between past present and future… There is none

Fundamental level our view has shifted Quantum mechanics

change your perspective

smallest of scales

in more than one place at a time


more than an equation

behavior prediction


quantum leap sharp not smeared

instanteneous jumps indivisible energy chunks

closer to the creative elements you will find less tolorance for diviation

waves split and combine add and cencel peaks and valleys interfeirence pattern

singularities do not smear into waves

probability wave singularities riding on a wave pattern

no actual location but instead a likley predictable location

quantum is accurate and precise but still probable predictions

God does not throw dice Einstein

absense of quantum equals dark ages

is it there always or only when observing it


inextricable connected

oposite actions even at a distance between two partnered entanglements

opposite reactions either determined at separation or mysteriously reactive upon measurments

set or spooky actions

Measure every particle destroys the original and reassembles the new

Quantum bits Qbit can exist in two states at once

Multitasking power

All posibilities at once

does the instability of quantum leap cease as we observe the macro world or

does this instability of leaping exist elsewhere out of our view?

can reality exist in alternative universes?

how many realities can exist from the one you know?

This instability or unpredictable nature may not be based on measuring

Cnsciousnes, mental energy may be the foundation

Cosmic consciousness

Is existence self created or is consciousness the creator

immersion in our reality

does it control us or do we control it?

Universal ocean of pure potentiality unified field

The universe is mostly empty or is it?

Plank scale… Is the vaccuum empty or is there 10 to the 94 grams of energy

Vaccuum in single hydrogen atom… there is a trillion times the energy of all matter

if consciousness controls that then the big bang is easy.

pure abstract self aware consciousness.

thoughts show that random generators are affected by thought

Thought effects reality only when you believe you can

different levels of truth

Different universes the small you go

fundamental level is unity

Consciousness is your foundation for existence

Consciousness shifts determines your experiences

We as the observer create the reality of time propagation

Every change in time is a reflection of your own frequency

Time becomes your personal experience. You are not a victim of time.

Time actually does not exist as each moment of time is a reality within itself

To you time is actually the jump from one reality to another linearly

To view all reality pictures of your life at once you at one point may realize you can control your past present or future.

all things already exist only the act of creating that thing is a new relationship with your future that already is

existence is a closed system.

knowing all things already exist can cause you to see you and your energy differently

you can change your vibrational attitude choose a different reality

Your consciousness changes your experience

Shift into an alternate reality one that is more enlightened, higher in energy light

you become only the victim of your own creation but you are generating it and therefore you are not the victim

You can become anything you desire to become

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